Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Prayers for Leeloo's New Venture

Good morning Papa!

Good morning son!

Papa, I’m so excited that Leeloo is starting her true feminine genius site. Please bless this endeavor Lord and draw the true, good and beautiful of authentic femininity from the hearts of all these women past and present, that Mary’s immaculate heart may triumph as she predicted it would in the end. Lord heal hearts through their hearts overflowing with the love they so willingly receive from you!

Son I too look forward to working in, with and through all of them and I have an infinite supply of love for them to birth into the world. Your world indeed suffers greatly in its Femanemia as Leeloo mentioned and it is indeed Mary’s immaculate heart that is safe in my heart that will be an agent of healing for the life of the world.

As the U2 song mentions ‘two hearts beat as one’ so it has always been with my mother and I. She was and is so much more than a birthing portal for the divine, she is the point of union of divinity and humanity on all levels.

Yes son, I do look forward to continuing to work alongside Leeloo as my son Jesus binds us all together in pure and infinite love. Do all you can to encourage Leeloo to continue giving a home for all this beauty, truth and goodness. Help her to see that tiny things like this done with great love are worth more than all the silver and gold in the world. In fact it is these types of works that give those precious metals their true shine. My immaculate heart will indeed triumph for my son has said that it would be so, it has already stirred in so many beautiful souls and in Leeloo’s work you will see that beauty gathered like a bouquet.

Son I love the way you are beginning to kiss us all when you receive the Holy Eucharist, keep that practice up, we love it here and are delighted to receive your kisses, we can’t wait to meet you in the flesh.

Thank you Lord and Momma Mary for these encouraging words, I’m sure Leeloo will post them soon for the encouragement of all with eyes to see.

We love you son, go now in peace and joy to serve others.


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The New Normal - Jesus Restores Walks In the Garden

Good morning Papa!

Good morning son!

Papa, I am struck by Bishop Barron’s words today. They seem to be affirming the sort of prayer I and so many others have learned to practice and that is comforting.


John 15:9–17

Friends, in today’s Gospel, Jesus announces to his disciples: “I no longer call you slaves, because a slave does not know what his master is doing. I have called you friends, because I have told you everything I have heard from my Father.”

Many mysticisms and philosophies of the ancient world—Platonism and Gnosticism come readily to mind—spoke of God or the sacred, but they spoke of it as a force or a value or an ontological source. It was impersonal and at an infinite remove from the world of ordinary experience. These ancient schools find an echo in many modern and contemporary theologies. Think of deism, which was so influential on the founders of the United States, or even the New Age philosophy of our time. These speak of a “divine” principle or power, but one would never dream of addressing such a force as “thou” or of engaging with it in intimate conversation.

Then there is the Bible. The Scriptures obviously present God as the overwhelming, transcendent, uncontrollable, inscrutable Creator of the heavens and the earth, but they insist that this sublime and frightening power is a person who deigns to speak to us, to guide us, and to invite us into his life.

In making that utterance—that he no longer called his disciples slaves, but friends—Jesus turned all of religious philosophy and mysticism on its head.



Son it should indeed comfort you to know that you are not on this path alone. Remember what I've told you before? It is not chatting with me personally that is odd, it is the lack thereof.

Remember, I sent my Son into the world to infuse it with grace and inject the antidote into the physical cosmos through his body, blood, soul and divinity which is now forever intertwined into the dimension you call 'The Universe'. There is no undoing this. As I've mentioned before, it is like Neo in the Matrix, only in slow motion. It is also indeed like Leeloo's explosion of light and love to stop arrest evil and save the world from evil… again, in slow motion. And finally, remember that the enemy is like the severed wasp that doesn't realize the dreadful thing that has been done to it.

All of these images in motion in your heart testify to the reality that Jesus has radically transformed reality. He has opened a portal of friendship with Me that can never be closed and is impinging on the world more daily. This is why your world is in turmoil, because people love darkness more than light and the enemy is insuring the fight harder as the dawn is impending. Surely the enemy is more aware of this than your race which by and large tries to ignore the entire dimension of eternal light that is slowly eclipsing the darkness.

Remember son, darkness is just a speck in the light.

So when my son Robert Barron propounds on the reality of this radical shift from slave (read this as employee or worker in this context) to friend and family members, he is right on track.

Friends and family chat with their father. Jesus came to restore things to their intended order. Just like I chatted with Adam and Eve in the Garden, Jesus came to invite all my offspring to that same intimacy. And that is only the beginning.

I see Papa, this is part of the design, long before the Oxford group or AA started to emphasize two way prayer or continuous conscious contact with you. Examples abound down through the centuries of you chatting with folks in their hearts. Those that did this and dared to speak of it were not always treated kindly.

No they were not son, but don't let that stop you. All of my offspring were meant to stroll and chat with me, or sit and listen to me speak just as you are now in the depths of your heart and writing it in your journal. This is the new normal that Jesus inaugurated. This is what it means to listen to my Spirit within and respond to it as one would in any normal conversation.

Worry not that you might miss the point, get it wrong or misunderstand me. I'll tell you again. I'm always whispering my song of love in your heart and hoping you'll tune in to listen to the chorus again and again.

Thanks Papa, that is beautiful and reassuring.

You're welcome son, I love you.

Love you too Papa.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Deleting Suspicion of Joy

Papa, I'm happy to be going to confession this morning. I need healing from the wound of that deadly sin scraping me up last Saturday night. Ugghhhh… heal me Jesus.

I do want to heal you and cleanse you from that son. I will meet you there in person.

Thank you Lord, I am so grateful for the voice of the Holy Spirit within that you and all the Saints channel through to counsel and console me. I am so grateful you are teaching me to listen. Lord I do so wish I could stop the 15 - 18 times that Fr. J suggests during the day to tune into you. I fear I do not do so. Even when I do pause when switching tasks and ask you to guide me I'm not sure I really do let you guide me… I don't know what to think about this Lord… sometimes it feels like I'm just bursting to share things with people and I don't know if it is you guiding me or simply my own joy and enthusiasm.

Son, why can it not be both? You seem to be thinking that just because your enthusiasm and joy have bowled people over in the past that it cannot also be my joy coursing through you. Can you trust me to sort it out and trust me in others to sort it out as well? People are more understanding and forgiving than you give them credit for. They are not always judging you in a negative light. It isn't even good to ponder over much on how they are thinking of you… simply be with me in the moment, allow me to course my joy and love for them through you and worry not if you are over enthusiastic doing this. 

It is our joy together that brings the tears so often to your eyes and to mine. I have eyes as well now, remember? And I weep with joy when we are loving other people in our thoughts, words and deeds in, with and through each other. This spiritual form of nuptial embrace is life giving. It is the marriage of heaven and earth sowing life into hungry and sometimes famished souls. Please son, stop doubting yourself in this, only believe. Trust that all will be well and that your efforts to channel my love no matter how imperfect are redemptive… our merging in body, blood, soul and divinity is energizing and good. You don't look at the physical marital embrace with such suspicion do you son? Neither look at our spiritual merging to lovingly bring forth life in others, to call out the good, true and beautiful with suspicion.

Ok Lord, I will try to clear this suspicion from my heart, better yet, you cleanse it from me in your strength Lord. I love you.

We all love you son and are well pleased with your progress on the journey.


Thursday, April 18, 2024

Papa Speaks About Agency

 You whispered something to me perhaps in my sleep Papa?

Yes son, helping you understand what is meant by the idea of giving back someone their agency. When someone is abused by others or themselves they can very quickly lose their agency, that is they feel they have no choice other than to allow the abuse to continue. In fact, especially in addiction, certain acts can cease to seem like the abuse that it actually is to one's self. This drink, food, sex, drug, purchase, (etc.) makes me feel better momentarily and therefore it isn't perceived as an abuse of one's own will when they feel they have no choice to make the craving go away other than to fulfill it.

Giving them back their ability to chose is what recovery and a Spirit led life is all about. "Choose you this day" is almost an inconceivable concept to one caught up in addiction or being abused by another.

As you walk with people in recover or as you do spiritual direction of any sort son, bear this in mind. You are inviting people on a path you yourself are learning to travel and showing them how you reclaimed your own agency... not in a simple and grasping 'will to power' but in learning to counterintuitively surrender your right to self-abusing acting out and cll upon your earthly and heavenly communities for the strength to do the next loving thing for yourself and others.

To those being abused it is just as complex for they have sometimes been made to feel less than a person, as unworthy of being treated with the dignity due to every person created in my image. As it was for you son, it is a conversion of heart and nothing less that is required. They must come to see themselves as beloved or little progress is made in reclaiming their agency and choosing to step out of the situation. Thisis why you have instinctively given away so many copies of Henry Nouwen's "Life of the Beloved", yes?

Yes indeed Papa, that makes perfect sense. But even as a self-abuser I needed that message just as badly - Thanks for the explanation Papa. Love you.

Love you too son.


Friday, February 9, 2024

Religious or Spiritual?

Good morning Papa!

Good morning son!

Grateful for Fr J’s words about spirituality and religion yesterday.

Yes son, he drew it out well. I made all of you hybrids of spirit and matter. Every living soul has both. So really everyone is spiritual whether they realize it or not. One can neglect their spiritual hunger and ignore and abuse it until it is nearly dying. Or one can pay attention to their hunger and mistakenly try to feed it by dousing their bodies with all manner of things. Or one can actually feed that spiritual hunger with inappropriate things that are toxic to it. Last and best of all one might feed that spiritual hunger with helpful actions and thoughts and a focus on the transcendentals… what is true, good and beautiful.

Religion is simply disciplined spirituality. It exercises one’s spiritual muscles daily until a deep sense of what it means to be a decent human being is developed. The best religions develop this by connecting with me, the true God of all. The very best religion actually connects with me not just in spirit but also in the flesh and blood in the Eucharist and are thereby transformed by my body, blood, soul and divinity from the inside out.

Also remember that Fr. J drew a distinction between the definitions of discipline. I am not actively punitive as most of you believe, you’re all pretty good at punishing and destroying yourselves so my function is more one of mercifully preventing your self annihilation.

Consider the Webster definitions:

1: to punish or penalize for the sake of enforcing obedience and perfecting moral character

2: to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control

3a: to bring (a group) under control - discipline troops

3b:: to impose order upon - serious writers discipline and refine their writing styles

You see son, while I may allow some of the consequences of your own self-destructive tendencies to take their full effect (trust me, if I allowed them all to get through to you, humans would have long since ceased to exist!), even then I only allow those consequences in love and hope that they may move you back toward me, the source of all goodness and life.

With that in mind, you can see that definition 2 above is more in line how you should view your approach to spiritual realities. Like the best coach imaginable (yes Ted Lasso came to mind) the best religion provides disciplined instruction for you in appropriate body-soul exercises toward living a fully integrated life as the beautiful marriage of matter and spirt that you are.

Yes Papa this is a right and nuanced approach that makes very good sense. Thanks Papa!

You’re welcome son, I love you!

Love you too Papa!


Friday, September 8, 2023

At Adoration

Good morning Papa, Jesus, Holy Spirit of Love!

Good morning son!

Lord it was a perplexing awakening when I realized that the vast majority of Christians down through the centuries trusted in your real presence in the Blessed Sacrament. Most recently as I read Tolkien’s letters to his son — Tolkien whom even the world proclaims a master story teller — when I see his words on the Blessed Sacrament to Christopher, well… it jars me.

And then reading those snippets from people who wrote down through the centuries, men and women, young and aged, common lay folk and brilliant educated Saints, all of them bearing witness in unison to your real presence in the Eucharist. (This I find in those beautiful little books “My Daily Eucharist”.) 

A then in “The Holy Hour” book [Word on Fire Press] pp. 202 and 206 Thomas Merton and Pope Francis’ beautiful poetry and poetic prose proclaiming that in the Eucharist is the marriage of heaven and earth — which makes much sense in that thereby you penetrate into the depths of our physical bodies as food and drink and through us permeate the world and the cosmos with your presence.

Lord, this is GLORIOUS!

Yes son, it is and it is something I want to do in, with and through you - interpenetrating each other — body and soul — like human lovers but on a higher plane — Yes, when Roberto Benigni ejaculated in his joy and love to the whole world that he wanted “to lay you all down and make love to you all” he was expressing a note of pure desire for intimate union with everyone — a unity which cannot be attained in the wildest of physical orgies — but is slowly and surely being attained in the communion of saints through partaking in the Holy Eucharist day by day, week by week, month by month and year by year. It is the longest nuptial love making ever! And remember, nuptial love making is just the beginning! We continue this marriage eternally and love making is part of marriage (and begetting children) — it is life giving intimacy for all eternity that can now be celebrated not just between two people in a brief “lifetime” but with all those who abide in me in the Eucharist — All who accept the invitation to the wedding supper of the lamb.

Son, what I’m giving you a glimpse of here is  so much more glorious and ecstatic and wonderful than merely marital love. Don’t mistake the symbol for the real thing… powerful though the symbol may be it is only a shadow of the reality of intimate, interpenetrating connectivity you will all experience in eternity in heaven with all the saints.

Ah, the beatific vision — no matter how dim my eyes and how inadequate my comprehension — is still overwhelming and wonderful. Thank you Lord for bending low and spoon feeding a tiny pre-chewed morsel into my tiny mouth. Thank you for being you and for being present and in, with and through myself and my innumerable brothers and sisters all at once. Thank you for this communion symbolized in Avatar as they are all tied together in the Mother tree. Thank you most Holy Trinity for opening the sharing of your love with us all.

You’re welcome son! We love you to infinity and beyond!

Love you too Lord.


Monday, April 17, 2023

We Killed God (Unity of Trinity Part II)

(Leeloo here... the content below is from Seb's friend Fred who has friends and sponsees in prison that he regularly writes to. Fred shared one of his latest letters he wrote to a friend in jail and I thought it shows the degree with which Fred and Seb are tracking the Spirit of Jesus together on this issue. Hope it blesses you like it blessed me.)

Well we made it through Easter and boy was I blessed this year. I hope you were too.

I think I came to a deeper understanding about Jesus death and resurrection than I have before…. I don’t know, I’m still kind of processing it.

It is the whole HORRIBLE idea that God the Father was ticked off about sin and had to take his wrath out on someone and so to spare us he took it out on his own son!! Who would want to serve a horrible Father like that, seriously!?

But that is exactly what I was taught in many terrible sermons down through the years. Turns out this false notion has been popular and widespread since about 1200 AD…

I am so Happy that modern preachers and scholars are coming back to the BIBLICAL truth that shows that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are ONE - they are UNIFIED!!! The Father cannot take his wrath out on the son any more than he can take it out on himself! In fact this notion of God being so ticked off at us humans is just wrong… God’s wrath throughout scripture is actually quite a different notion…

In fact, the big thing that comes out is that God is HOLDING back the wrath of Mother Nature trying to self cleanse (in other words ‘wipe us out’ like a Momma dog eating a deformed pup)… God allows about one 10 billionth of the bad things to happen to us that should happen because of our own stupidity and stubbornness. His mercy is a trillion times bigger than the natural consequences of our own idiocy that he allows to squeak through once in a while to get our attention and draw us back into his arms.

There are MANY images in Churches that would fix this whole notion of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’s unity at the cross. They are unfortunately almost all in Europe and overseas in older Churches. The images show God the Father with a grieved and pained look standing behind the cross holding it up with his hands and God the Son on the cross and God the Holy Spirit hovering over God the Son by God the Father’s shoulder. They All THREE suffered together, they are ONE!

WHAT did they suffer? OUR Violence. OUR Hate. OUR selfishness. OUR need for a scapegoat.. OUR need for someone other than ourselves to blame it on.
In some sense, The Father and the Holy
Spirit suffered with Jesus on the Cross

WE KILLED GOD… OUR sin killed him…

And wait for it…

HE just absorbed it on the cross.

Then he came back alive and the first things out of his mouth were NOT I’m going to get even with you.

No, his first words every time he appeared were SHALOM. Peace be unto you.

Yeah, you killed me with your spitefulness and hate, I was your ultimate scapegoat, WE were your ultimate scapegoat, my Father, myself and the Holy Spirit ABSORBED ALL your violence and meanness and we are not mad at you.

In fact we used it as an opportunity to TEAR OPEN the abode of the dead and free the prisoners there and OPEN up paradise to whoever wishes to enter.

So with that to chew on, I’m going to turn again to my good friend Sebastian O’Donal’s journal and let you read some of his conversations with Papa (Father God) and some of his thoughts on this subject.


Jesus Cancels Scapegoating

Good morning Papa!

Good morning son!

Papa, thanks again for Bishop Barron, he nailed it again today I thought.

You’re welcome son, yes, I’d say Jesus nailed it to the cross, scapegoating that is ;D

Exactly and thereby cancelling out the whole scapegoat mechanism on the cosmic level… granted, most of us never received the memo about this and still go right on scapegoating everyone and everything. But that old tired and violent way was nailed to the cross and a new way of resurrection and life rose from the ashes in a very real sense… it simply is taking its time sinking into the entirecosmos but it will take over. It is inevitable. Those who resist will feel it as fire, those who embrace the new way of love and forgiveness will feel it as warming rays of the life giving sun/son of God.

Exactly, you’re tendency to blame and scapegoat went all the way back to the beginning as you remember and is highly linked to pride. Both must be completely uprooted if true healing is to happen, but the cosmic groundwork has been completed. You are all invited to join in that triumph of the way of forgiveness, love and overcoming evil with good. But it wouldn’t work if I forced it on you would it… that would be using the same old method of violence to overcome your violence. This is an invitation to humanity to marry our divinity and it is not a shotgun wedding.

Indeed Papa, and I fully embrace it and pray that everyone will. Of course, I cannot do it except in, with and through you though you. Jesus I trust in you.


Bishop Barron’s Gospel Homily for today:

JOHN 11:45–56

Friends, in today’s Gospel, the chief priests and Pharisees unite in a plot to kill Jesus because he raised Lazarus from the dead.

The Crucifixion of Jesus is a classic instance of Catholic philosopher René Girard’s scapegoating theory. He held that a society, large or small, that finds itself in conflict comes together through a common act of blaming an individual or group purportedly responsible for the conflict.

It is utterly consistent with the Girardian theory that Caiaphas, the leading religious figure of the time, said to his colleagues, “It is better for you that one man should die instead of the people, so that the whole nation may not perish.”

In any other religious context, this sort of rationalization would be validated. But in the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead, this stunning truth is revealed: God is not on the side of the scapegoaters, but rather on the side of the scapegoated victim.

The true God does not sanction a community created through violence; rather, he sanctions what Jesus called the kingdom of God, a society grounded in forgiveness, love, and identification with the victim.


The Unity of the Trinity

Seb wrote this to introduce some articles they were going to read and discuss in one of his recovery groups:

“Whoever has seen me has seen the Father… I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” Jn. 14

“For it is love I desire, not sacrifice…” Hos. 6:6

Because of these words, when I’m able, I gaze at the Crucifix during the “Our Father”. I do this to remind myself that God the Father and Son are not independent contractors that go about their own business, touching base via a phone call occasionally. They are two persons that are deeply intertwined on every level by the Holy Spirit of Love. When the son decided it was high time to take on flesh and go rescue us lost sheep, the Father did not hold him back from that great mission and in fact supported him in every way, though it pained him to do so. They both knew what it would cost.

Gazing at the crucifix, I’m reminded that in a very real sense the Father actually experienced bodyliness vicariously through his son. In the movie “The Shack”, Papa (the Father character) reveals the nail prints in his wrists when questioned about why he ‘abandoned’ his son on the cross. In fact, as Cardinal Cantalamessa aptly points out, Western liturgical art is rich with images of the trinity showing the grieving Father intimately present at the crucifixion and holding his dead son (a fatherly pieta of sorts) afterwards always connected by the Spirit of Love in the form of a dove. I’ve included a sampling of Trinity images at the end of this document.

Cantalamessa uses deft and expert strokes in these two good Friday sermons (see his book: The Power of the Cross) to set the record straight. Far from being cruelly demanded by the Father, the rescue mission to save our souls was the Son’s idea and it was a perfect offering of love to the Father in the Spirit of Love to woo and to win humanity back… to bring home a bride to the heavenly court. This is a main theme in the Theology of the Body which is why we are reading these two sermons this lent. May it deepen our understanding of the loving intimacy between the members of the Holy Trinity.


I hope this all makes sense to you and at least one thing in this blesses you brother,

God bless and feel free to write back with any questions and I’ll try to explain it better.

Your brother in Jesus,