Regarding Two Way Prayer

Seb's Sister Leeloo here... So much could be said about the idea of two way prayer that it is difficult knowing where to start.

Perhaps you'd prefer to simply learn more at where there are nearly endless resources such as podcasts, videos, downloads and articles. 

However, since this entire blog is based on the notion that my brother Seb actually practices this way of prayer regularly I thought it somewhat important to cover the basics. 

As I mentioned in our About Section, our pastor always encouraged us to practice two way prayer and journal the experience. As I was talking to Seb about this he stated flatly that he always ignored this advice... until, that is, he was in recovery from his addictions.

His sponsor explained to him that from their beginnings in the 1930's, recovery programs have emphasized the necessity of a spiritual re-awakening that includes two way prayer with one's higher power. Seb and his sponsor both being Christians, they openly talked about what this would look like.

 For starters, Two Way Prayer would not look like this:

Sometimes it takes a little comic relief to realize how silly some of our practices are. 

So Seb dove in and started listening. He'd often run things by his sponsor if what he sensed God saying to him sounded odd. He wrote down his own thoughts, especially when he was disturbed about something and asked God to explain to him what was really going on. Then he'd try to quiet himself, listen and write down what he sensed God saying.

Those journals are piled up in Seb's office now and it is directly from them that I am transcribing their contents, slightly edited to protect the anonymity of others and correct syntax where it is confusing. I add them in the Journal Entries section as I stumble upon selections that seem appropriate to share.

Please keep in mind that what Seb sensed the Lord or the Blessed Mother or some other Saint saying to him has no imprimatur or authority stamp from the Church or anything of that sort. There is no intent to imply that what he senses God saying to him is anything like the divine revelation of scripture. Though the Church has recommended many Saints and mystics down through the centuries who practiced this type of prayer as edifying for us to read, their private conversations with God were not considered revelation and neither are Seb's.

I'm taking time to share these journal entries with the world NOT because I think they are perfectly good Christian theology or teaching. Rather, they are simply examples of what two way prayer looks like, warts and all. Seb may have misheard the Spirit of Jesus speaking into his heart at times. Our teachers who taught us this way of prayer never promised it would be perfect!

Here's the Point

The point is to encourage others to try to tune their God-given inner radio to the voice of the Spirit of God and dare to take it seriously enough to write it down for review later... and then perhaps even dare to share it with others in their recovery groups or intimate circles of friends. Seb reports that this has been very helpful for him and others.

Also note that while Seb's interactions with Papa are very intimate and some would even say saccharine or sappy, that is just his style. If this is off-putting to you, then I'm certain God will accommodate your preferences if you're ever to try this out for yourself... God does that you know... He comes in on our level, using manners of speech, vocabulary, images, songs, movie clips, poetry and quotes that we are familiar with. He knows our heart language inside out and he delights in using it. "He rejoices over us with singing." -- Zephaniah 3:17.

Finally, and I think this is extremely important, please realize that this is only one type of prayer. Our pastors always taught us many types of prayer and emphasized that we were to pray at all times in all ways. The prayers of the Church in the Mass, the regular cycle of Psalm Prayers (liturgy of the hours), arrow prayers, daily examens, devotional prayers and so many other ways of praying are just as important to practice

This website is not meant to detract from those other ways of praying, but rather to open up and make normal a walk in the garden chatting with the Lord as it was in the beginning. It seems that recovery programs specifically have lost their original emphasis on this way of beauty and consolation, much to their detriment. Here's to helping restore it.

Seb's journal entries (with all their flaws and cracks) have blessed me every time I've read them and if they bless even one person out there, this work has been worth it.