Thursday, April 6, 2023

The Wasp in the Room

Holy Thursday, April 6, 2023

Good morning Papa!

Good morning son!

Papa, I'm thinking of this quote from George Orwell, that droll and mirthless prophet you spoke through so clearly in spite of his demeanor towards you.

Yes son, he was often my unwilling mouthpiece but then again I can speak through an ass and even sometimes you! ;D  Write out the quote and allow me to unfold it for you.

Ok Papa, here it is.

I thought of a rather cruel trick I once played on a wasp. He was sucking jam on my plate, and I cut him in half. He paid no attention, merely went on with his meal, while a tiny stream of jam trickled out of his severed esophagus. Only when he tried to fly away did he grasp the dreadful thing that had happened to him. It is the same with modern man. The thing that has been cut away is his soul, and there was a period -- twenty years, perhaps -- when he did not notice it.
Notes On The Way, George Orwell: The Collected Essays, Journalism & Letters. Volume Two,

Papa it occurs to me that even though Madeleine L'Engle went an entirely different direction with this image in her novel A Severed Wasp, there is a much more joyous take on it. It seems to be tied directly to your death and resurrection and my mind reels at the cosmological implications, please unpack it for me Papa.

Gladly son. First of all let's straighten out the symbols.

The wasp in the room of every person's heart is death. When even one of these little buggers is in your bedroom, you fear going to sleep do you not?

Truth Papa, I'd turn the lights on and find it and kill it to protect my wife and I from a sting.

Right! So, what happened leading up to Calvary was the jam on the plate. Death and hell came in to suck the life blood right out of me, remember we are undivided, Father, Son and Spirit… the politicians of the day were closing in on me to do away with me and I was gladly feeding those wasps my jam.

Wait, you were baiting them?

In a sense, yes, the simple truth baits those who can not abide it. I AM the TRUTH and the source of all truth so I baited them just by being ME. So like in the cartoon where you trick your enemy into swallowing a bomb by wrapping it in a tasty treat, well, it was just too easy really.

The key of course to understanding what happened next son is the whole kairos vs. chronos thing. Chronos is the passage of time measured by various clocks, initially the sun and moon and stars, but now you have machines that display it more precisely. Kairos is that eternal moment that chronos cannot really touch. Because I am fully both God and Man, what I do in chronos time (my death, burial, harrowing of hell, resurrection, ascension, etc.) also occurs outside of time in that eternal kairos moment.

So because you the eternal took on flesh, everything you do now echoes in both chronos and kairos eternally forever, sending out ripples forward and backward in time, like we've discussed before.

Exactly son, who said you weren't bright? ;D So as you can imagine, when I cut the thorax off death and it sat there still sucking up the jam, this was my death, harrowing of hell and resurrection. Death, the devil and his many servants are still sucking the jam. They haven't realized the dreadful thing that has happened to them on a cosmic level yet. Nor has the vast majority of humanity.

When I tore the gates off the abode of death and hell and led the captives there to freedom it changed the entire nature of the broken universe. It began the great healing in the chronos realm. What is as plain as day in the kairos or eternal realm is slowly working its way into the material universe. It is a slow and covert operation. It is the Matrix in slow motion, Neo the antivirus neutralizing the Smith virus… ever so slowly over the last 2000 years.

The wasp is now stirring and realizing the dreadful thing that has happened, death is in its death throes, it is breathing its last gasp, it is desperate and will lash out but it no longer has a stinger to truly hurt anyone. Hell and death are a sham… there are no gates to keep anyone in any longer and all are invited to walk out of there. But it is a marriage proposal, not a shotgun wedding.

I'm inviting humanity to marry me, God in the flesh. The enemy has sown seeds of distrust and suspicion so as to make me look like the worst tyrant groom ever. So few trust in my goodness and so many believe the enemies lies.

Yet I hope and pray to my Father for little ones with trusting hearts to accept the proposal and walk out of hell with me into paradise. The hobbits, the overlooked, the outcasts, the addicts, the ones counted as fools by the world… such are the trusting and hungry hearts I seek to join me in the wedding feast. The banquet at the world's end.

What continues to baffle people is the slow way this is playing out in this era, that is in the chronos of humans. They forget that the darkest hour comes before the dawn…

Like the battle of the Hornburg where Gandalf and the warriors come over the hill with the sun at dawn and turn certain defeat into victory.

Yeah, they forget or have never learned the concept of the eucatastrophe:

"The Birth of Christ is the eucatastrophe of Man’s history. The Resurrection is the eucatastrophe of the story of the Incarnation."
--J. R. R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories

They forget or have never been told by my son T-bone Burnett that:

"This version of the world will not be here long
It is already gone, it is already gone."
--T-bone Burnett, Palestine Texas

So keep your mind set on the cosmic realities son, not on things seen but unseen realities which are slow in revealing themselves. That wasp has no sting. It can suck jam all it wants, but I have conquered death and hell long ago.

Look at this Visio Divina Card my son Fred has put together. It may help you remember when nothing else will that I have trampled down death by dying to gain entry into its abode, tearing it to shreds and leading the captives to freedom. I love you son.

Love you too Papa.


(Leeloo here, Fred and Seb have become friends through recovery and TOB. 
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